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Confined Space Training

Confined spaces carry a lot of risks and unfortunately are the cause of many deaths in the UK every year. Anyone involved with confined spaces must undergo extensive training so that they are fully equipped to safely work in such an environment. There are many risks that need to be considered and a plan of action must be put together before the work is carried out. For this reason, training in this area is absolutely vital.

What Is Involved in Working in Confined Spaces?

According to the Health and Safety Executive, a confined space is a place which is substantially enclosed (but not always completely enclosed), and where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances or conditions within the space or nearby. This could be due to a lack of oxygen or the presence of dangerous chemicals and gases within the space or near to it. Because of the extent of these risks, all workers must undergo training to ensure that all necessary safety equipment is used and proper procedure is followed.

Contact Us for Confined Space Training

Our confined space training covers everything you need to know about working in such an environment. It includes safety precautions that should be taken before entering such an area but also helps you to assess if it is possible to carry out work without actually entering the area. Whatever the task, you will be sure to be fully equipped to work safely and effectively. So for more information or to place a booking, contact us today!