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Manual Handling Training

Manual handling is something that is required in many jobs today. Factory and warehouse work, healthcare roles and the like can be extremely physically demanding and if not done using proper techniques when it comes to lifting, can cause painful injuries. This is why manual handling training is vital to staff and employers. Our courses have been put together to ensure all manual handling bases are covered and all information is up to date according to UK legislation.

Manual Handling

Why Is Manual Handling Important?

Improper manual handling causes over a third of workplace injuries today, from repetitive strain injury to musculoskeletal injuries that result in chronic pain in arms, legs and joints. If proper procedure is not followed when handling goods, it leaves you susceptible to such injuries. Improper manual handling is extremely dangerous practice, no matter how light or small the workload. This is why training is so important. Not only does it prevent workplace injuries, it also makes the workplace a safer environment for everyone.

Contact Us Today For Manual Handling Training

It is recommended that all employees whose workload involves manual handling must be trained so that they are competent to carry out their job with as little risk of injury as possible. Not only does it show care for employees, it also allows them to rest assured that they are doing things in a way that protects not only themselves but the people around them. It is important to note also that some jobs require such training by law. So if manual handling training is something that you require, book your course with us today or contact our team for more information.