Paediatric First Aid Training

Paediatric first aid is highly recommended for child carers in a professional setting. The great thing about working with children is every day is different, with new experiences and challenges. However, it also comes with risks and although every measure is taken to provide a safe environment for children in professional settings, accidents can happen. It is in the best interests of the children to be prepared for anything and this is where paediatric first aid comes in.

What is Paediatric First Aid?

Paediatric first aid is specifically designed to be used on children, particularly in emergency situations. There are certain procedures in adult first aid that can be detrimental to children, so different approaches and techniques need to be used. So, if you are working with children, this is the best first aid course to take as it prepares you for potential emergency situations involving a child.

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Employers working in childcare settings do well to ensure that all staff working closely with children are trained in paediatric first aid. This provides comfort to parents and also staff to know they are confidently equipped to handle an emergency situation should one occur.

Our courses are informative and put together carefully by experts to ensure that all aspects of paediatric first aid are covered. They are revised regularly to ensure that all information is up to date with current health and safety standards, so you can be sure that you will be getting the very best education when opting for our courses. So, for more information or to book your training today, contact our team today.