First Aid Training

Looking for first aid training? Unsure about what you can do to minimise injury in an emergency? Why not take on first aid training so you know exactly what to do in an emergency situation. We have a range of first aid training courses that cover a range of situations, so whatever your situation, you are sure to have peace of mind knowing that you will be competent to handle any emergency that may occur.

What First Aid Training Do We Offer?

There a different first aid procedures depending on where you are and who is involved in a situation, so it is important that you are trained for different scenarios that may occur. This allows you to adapt your approach for any given situation. Our first aid training includes:

  • First Aid at Work
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Paediatric First Aid

Not only this, we also offer annual refresher training which can be done as an online course or classroom based, allowing you to keep up to date on all first aid procedures and regulations. Our refresher courses also give you confidence in your abilities as you know that your practices are in line with modern approaches and techniques that are refined and tweaked over the years to give the best care possible.

We provide onsite first aid training at a cost effective price for your organisation.

Book Your First Aid Training Today!

First aid training is not only a great to have for in the workplace, it is also very useful in everyday life. It allows you to keep those around you safe in an emergency and is an excellent way to prevent dangerous situations from occurring as it teaches you safety precautions. So for more information on our training courses or to book your training, contact us today! We’re happy to answer any enquiries you may have.