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Forklift Operator Training

At FMSCS, we offer fully accredited RTITB Forklift Operator Training courses that are suitable for trainees of all abilities. Are you a novice or new operator? Are you familiar with FLT driving but have no formal certification, do you require a refresher or au update to your certification? We offer comprehensive accredited practical training and evaluation to ensure that you are fully prepared for the demands of operating all types of forklift or Mechanical Handling Equipment (MHE). Upon successful completion, the forklift operator will be presented with a certificate of training and be entered on the RTITB NORS register as proof of training.

What does the forklift operator training cover?

To ensure that you meet the highest standards of forklift operation, we provide comprehensive practical and theoretical training on how to operate a forklift truck of MHE.

Practical content:

  • extensive hands-on training and load handling.
  • safe operating techniques and stacking and de-stacking loads.
  • load handling/selection.
  • how to maintain the battery and battery charging procedures.
  • Lpg (gas) refuelling and cylinder exchange
  • Pre use inspection and maintenance.

Theoretical content:

  • completing a pre-shift inspection.
  • lift truck stability principles.
  • refuelling procedures.
  • lift truck design and operation.
  • general safety rules/guidelines.
  • theoretical test.

Why is forklift operator training certification required?

  • The Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L117 recommends comprehensive training before operating a forklift truck in the workplace. lift certification avoids operator carelessness or the operator being unfamiliar with their forklift operating equipment, which are the main causes of most forklift-related accidents.
  • Being certified ensures that forklift operators are trained and are fully aware of the possible risks and dangers associated with forklift operation.
  • Pre-shift inspections will help to identify maintenance issues quickly, thus reducing breakdowns and the likelihood of accidents occurring through faulty equipment.
  • Accredited training gives assurance that the operator training is quality checked.
  • How long does a forklift certificate last?

    The ACOP L117, Safety in Working with Lift Trucks recommends a refresher course every 3 – 5 years. This refresher course comprises training similar to that the forklift operator would have experienced during their initial basic training course and concludes in a practical test of basic operating skills.

    What are the benefits of forklift certification?

    • A trained & competent operator. Able to complete inspections of the MHE/ forklift to reduce the likeliness of accidents and breakdowns.
    • Effective forklift operation, reducing time and product damage.
    • Reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents.
    • Reduced insurance premiums through a trained, qualified workforce.
    • Improved employee morale and lower workplace stress.

    For more information about forklift operator training, please feel to contact us by calling or sending an email.